Thursday, March 25, 2010

When Do I Book My Vendors? Pt4

Fourth Wedding Planning Timeline

How exciting! You are almost there! And it may feel overwhelming right now. But hopefully you have been following the planning tips and previous wedding planning schedule - and are right on time.

Month Before
* Get your marriage license. This process differs depending on your county and state. 
* Have your 3rd dress fitting.  You may also want to schedule this the week before for peace of mind unless your dress fits perfectly at this 3rd fitting
* Enter your RSVP's into you guest list database. Don;t be afraid to call those who you have not heard from.
* Mail out the rehearsal dinner invites.
* Order the alcohol. Since your headcount is complete, you can have an accurate order.
* Mail out your final payments to vendors. You don't want to be worrying about making payments the week or day of. 
* Confirm your hair and makeup appointments.
* Get your hair cut and colored if necessary.
* Send out the directions to all those who are drivers of the wedding party and family. Rented cars, chauffeurs will have time to organize their route.
* Organize a seating chart. Make this chart first on a board & guest names on sticky notes. This way you can move them around until you have a completed arrangement.
* Write your vows! If you are choosing to write your own vows - now is a great time to do it. Don't wait until the night before! 

Week of
* Send the final guest count to your caterer and the venue coordinator & your personal coordinator. Most venue need to know this 72 hours before your wedding.
* Delegate smaller wedding tasks to your wedding party and friends. IE who will carry the flowers from the church to the reception, who will bustle the dress, who is in charge of gifts, and someone to hand out tips to your vendors. (If you hired a coordinator, they also may be able to handle some of the smaller details depending on what you agreed on.)
* Confirm the arrival time with all your vendors if they haven't called you to check in.
* Make arrangements to pick up or have delivered your dress.
* Wear your wedding day shoes around to help break them in. Try to dance in them! 
* Check in with your photographer on the list of important photographs and family members
* Organize tips for your vendors to be given out day-of
* Book a massage or spa treatment, manicure etc to help you relax
* Assemble your welcome baskets for out-of-town guests
* Confirm your honeymoon arrangements & pack for your trip.

For other monthly planning tasks to help keep you on schedule:

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