Friday, March 12, 2010

Wedding Budget

     Planning a wedding seems like an enormous task. One important thing to remember is to make a budget & stick with it. Never go in to debt to pay for your wedding day. And always be careful about using credit cards to pay for your wedding bills. Paying off the balance as soon as you receive the statement prevents you from having to pay finance charges. Be aware of upgrades & how much extra they will cost. If you spend more in one area then you anticipate, you should cut back in another. And remember having a smaller, more intimate wedding day is a better solution then having to pay for your wedding for the next three years. And to help with this, here is a breakdown suggest for dividing up your budget:

Event Planner/Coordinator 10-15%
Photography/Videography 10%
Flowers 10%
Reception (Food, Rentals & Location) 40-50%
Music 5-10%
Miscellaneous Expenses (Invitations, Officiant, Transportation, Party Favors etc.) 10%

And it's always a good idea to leave 5-15% available for little extras & incidentals.

*Remember, this is just a guide to help you along. It really is up to you on what is most important on your wedding day & should always be a reflection of your personal style as a couple.* 

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