Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beth & Joe's Do-It-Yourself Wedding

   September 9th 2009. Being the creative types, (Joe a graphic artist and Beth a photog) they wanted to do most of the work themselves. (and with the help of a few trusted friends.) With only 4 months of planning they were able to pull it off!  For their venue site, they lucked out and had a fantastic spot at an aunt's house in Sierra Madre, CA. They were married on the front lawn by a close friend as their officiant and surrounded by loved ones. During the ceremony, Joe & Beth did a little rock/paper/scissors to see who would say their vows first.  Joe's vows were short and sweet. Beth's were lyrics from Tina Turner and Johnny Cash.
   Their wedding was filled with so many personal touches... Beth's bouquet was handmade from a felt kit she found at Princess Lasertron  And even Joe added his own special touch, by having a custom pair of Nike shoes made to say "I love Beth 09/19/09".

  For the reception they took advantage of the outdoor basketball court for their tables and dance floor. And to solve the issue of lighting, they hung paper lanterns and Christmas lights - for an all out romantic mood.  Cocktail snacks and and dinner were served by another friend-to-the-couple, Suzie Gardner - Taiwanese Vegetarian apps at cocktail hour and BBQ delivered for dinner provided by Santa Maria BBQ. (Yum! Making me hungry just thinking about it) Their cute dessert cupcakes were made by Angie Dingman, owner of Love Cakes. Photography and photo booth were provided by Beth's business partner of Dacia Lamb Photography.

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