Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wedding Inspiration of the Day: DIY Seating Place Cards

Spring is bloom! And the celebrate, here is a little bit of inspiration from Mother Nature!

This is a very easy DIY project! If you are not the crafty type - no worries! This is so easy!  You will only need to following supplies:
Hot Glue Gun (with glue sticks)
A pair of Paper Edging Scissors (approx. $2 ea)
12x12"  Scrapbooking paper ($.89 to $2 per sheet)
A few sheets of heavy weight printer paper 8.5x11"(I suggest buying an off-white or textured paper)
Fresh, dried or fake flowers (depending how far in advance you want to make these)
Roll on Tape  (roughly $3)
Box of Toothpicks (at any grocery store $.89)
Spanish Moss ($1.25 - $4 depending on quantity needed)
Small 2" flower pots (found on Ebay for $.99/ bulk also available)
A printer available for printing heavier weight papers

(Note most of these supplies can be purchased at www.createforless.com)

First Step: I designed a quick spread sheet using Microsoft Excel. Each column I made 2"Wx1.25"H.  I choose a font that I liked (or in your case matches you wedding theme/stationary.)  You can take the guest list information directly from your RSVP list so you know how many you will be making.  (Don't forget to select the option for 'Border-Type'  in your formatting palette so you have a cut-guide). Print on the heavy-weight  printer paper.  Ok so the hardest part is done!

Second Step: Use the edging scissors (available in all sorts of patterns), cut on the inside of your guide line. Then measure and cut the patterned paper (3"Wx 2.25"H). Use the roll-on tape to adhere the two pieces of paper together.

Third Step: Having your hot glue gun ready, use a small dab to glue the toothpick to the back of your paper. Rotate the toothpick in a circle so that the glue blob is all around the toothpick.

Fourth Step: Loosely stuff some of your spanish moss into your pot. If you are concerned about the moss staying in the pot, you can always place a little dab of hot glue into the sides of the pot near the bottom.

Fifth Step: Place your now dry card-on-toothpick into your pot.  And Whaalaah! you are done!

You can also choose to use live plants, succulents or fresh herbs instead of fake potted plants. And then your placement card becomes a favor to your guests as well!

If you have any questions about this DIY project or have ideas of your own you would like to share, please email me at ArtfulBride@gmail.com .


  1. What a great and eco friendly idea! Love it.

  2. Inspired by my patio garden & Mother Nature herself!

  3. I really like your idea as it is very helpful for those people who are not crafty and I am one of them.I like your DIY projects design.Its design is very refreshing and colorful.Thanks for providing each and every step of its creation.Its innovative and environment friendly idea.