Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When Do I Book My Vendors? Pt3

A continuation on this weeks tip: Wedding Planning Timeline

Three Months 
* Finalize the flowers and the menu. (Season choices will help keep down the cost)
* Finalize your schedule. Make sure you know the timeline of your ceremony and reception.
* Now is a good time to send this timeline to your vendors. Giving them a preview of the schedule will allow them to suggest changes for a better flow.
* Make your list of all the people giving readings at the ceremony and speeches at the reception. 
* Print your programs and menus. (You can choose to make something simple on your home computer if this is not within your stationary budget.)
* Order or make your favors. This is where you can be creative. (See our latest DIY favors/placement cards art project)
* Have your second dress fitting. Purchase your undergarments. (Save the cut-off fabric from your dress! This can be used creatively as a wrap for your flowers or another decorative detail. IE a small bag.)
* Buy your rings! Doing this now will allow time for resizing.

Two Months
* Meet with your DJ/band. This is the time to review the playlist. Now remember, you cannot dictate every song that is played. But you can suggest nicely that the band or DJ pick up a few songs not in their normal playlist.
* Meet with your photographer. If you like, schedule a walk-thru and suggest locations for photographs.
* Touch base with all your vendors about the schedule. You can do this via a quick phone call, or schedule a lunch for them to all meet up at. 
* Submit your wedding announcement to the newspaper. (Check with the publication about the photograph used as some have strict rules about this)
* Send your invitations! Mailing your invitations now allows for guest to make travel arrangements if necessary.  Set your RSVP for roughly 3 weeks after the postmarked date.
* Enjoy your bachelorette party! Feel free to suggest this idea to your friends if they haven't mentioned it. They will want to celebrate your upcoming-big day too!

For other monthly planning tasks to help keep you on schedule:

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