Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Vintage Clutch

For those of you who don't know me, I LOVE accessories. (I was even once-upon-a-time an accessories manager at Urban Outfitters in Philly.) I can thank my mom for this. Growing up, she was never short of what seemed like the perfect pair of earrings, shoes or even bag when I needed. And to this day, when we go shopping, we spend more time accessorizing the outfit then choosing the clothes. Having the smallest closet in the world right now has not stopped my love for accessories. I thought I would share with you some lovely little finds on today's visit to All of these items are handmade. Many of them can be custom made by the artist. They make a perfect gift for bridemaids, mother-of-the bride or perhaps your something blue on your wedding day. All clutch bags are under $150.

These clutches were all found on

Silk Kimono clutch ($75) at Puck513's shop , Blue Bridesmaid clutches ($117) and the white vintage with marcasite brooch ($69 & my personal favorite!) can be found in Rejenerate / Shiny Ivory with brooch ($75) is found in Percyhandmade / White Dame clutch with ivory ribbon ($45), Black & Ivory Damask with blue clutch ($45), Ruffle Clutch with champagne ribbon ($75), Chain Wristlet with pink ($65) & Baguette Silk Rose Clutch ($110) can be found at A03Design / Baby Blue with pearl blossom ($49) at MichaM's / Custom Designed Beaded with flower ($145) found at FarmGirlFancy / Feather Netting Clutch in pink or white ($60) at AngeeW.

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  1. So cute. The clutches are very smart. The white one with black flower is the most beautiful of all. Even the price is not much, I would love to have this piece as it will perfectly go with most of my dresses.