Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do I have to invite them?

So you want to plan an intimate wedding with your closest family & friends and don't know who you have to invite.  

Distant Relatives
  If you have not heard from your dad's distant cousin since you were seven years old, it's not likely she will be upset if you do not invite her.  But if your great aunt remembers your birthday every year, it's usually a good idea to invite her.

Work Colleagues
  You may spend about fifty hours a week sitting across the office from them, but do you really want them at your wedding? And if you invite one do you have to invite them all? You can feel relived to know that you don't have to. But the few who have become a part of your outside world, you may want to consider. If someone at the office asks why they were not invited, just let her know that you just couldn't invite everyone you hoped to & you still value her friendship. 

Single Guests & a Date
  Do you have to invite a +1 for your single friends?  The shortest answer is no. But excluding someone that means a lot to a friend may end up with hurt feelings. So if you only have a handful of single friends, it is always a nice gesture to allow them to bring a guest. This is especially true if your friends are traveling from out of town. 

   If you do not include the name of the children on the invitation, you guests should know that kids are not invited. But if you have family or friend that you know may show up with kids in tow, don't be afraid to take a passive-aggressive approach. Simply call to let them know that several other guests have called to ask about children and you wanted to let them know. 

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  1. I am one of the regular followers of your blog. I really like your pictures. Wedding is very important and special affair so it's up to you whom you want to invite in your wedding or not. My personal point is to invite all friend and relatives.