Thursday, September 23, 2010

DIY Banners via My DIY Wedding Day

 I found this easy DIY project today on My DIY Wedding Day:

"  Tie a 12-inch piece of ribbon to the top of each letter so that it hangs secure and straight. Attach each of those ribbons to a super long rope between two trees or posts outdoors. Twist a string of large Christmas lights to the rope so that sparkles of light are in between some of your hanging letters.

   This serves as a great backdrop to both celebrate your day and to eliminate confusion when everyone's looking through their summer wedding photos -- they'll know exactly which ones were from your gorgeous outdoor reception! (Another way to use these without making them the focus of your decor: hang them at the entrance, where your welcome sign would be!"

  Sounds easy enough right?

   But with all the things you need to get done for your wedding day, you may feel overwhelmed and that you are running out of time to get it all done.  But you want your wedding day to feel more personal and filled with handmade items. Hmm ... Don't be afraid to depend on other artisans out there to get the job done.  Here are some etsy artists that may be the key to helping you get it all done right

Personalized Banner $15 at Earmark / Pom Poms set of 15 ($52.50) at My Silly Bear / Burlap Banner $10 at Funky Shique / Just Engaged Banner $25 at H Lea 100 / Chair Banners ($20) at Funky Shique / Be Mine ($17) at Bekah Jennings.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Old Hollywood finds on Etsy

Every Wednesday I post a selection of some favorite finds. This week's selection is inspired by that classic old Hollywood feel.

Teardrop Earrings ($64) on Luxe Deluxe / Ivory Wedding Sash ($98) by Twisted Crystal / Mantilla Floor Length Veil ($225) by Rohm.
Birdcage Veil on He Knows My Name / Custom Lave Corset ($375) by Rohm / Bronwyn Dress Sash ($164) by Pish Poshes.
Victorian Beaded Purse ($80) on Miss Antebellum / Ivory Faux Fur ($40) by Alex Bridal / Rhinestone Headpiece  ($96) on Feather & Frills / Swarovski Pearl bracelet ($72) on Luxe Deluxe / Pearl Rhinestone Necklace ($100) on Tissage

Let's Eat Cake!

   Let's eat cake! And what pretty artful cakes they are! This seems to be the right kind of inspiration to get anyone through the mid-week slump. Cake artist, Maggie Austin from Maggie Austin Cakes, is located in Washington DC. And while she cannot ship these lovely creations, she does make wonderful little sugar cookies that she can.  You have to admire the details in the sugar flowers above.  Almost too pretty to eat - Almost!

For more cake inspirations:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DIY Aisle Flowers

   Nothing but a simple DIY flower aisle vase to get the ideas flowing about how to save on your wedding day decorations.  This fabric cover flower vase by Ashley Meaders  is so simple to put together.
Supplies Needed:
Bygel IKEA container
Spray Mount
Twine and/or ribbon

   1. Cut fabric 14"x19"
   2. Spray outside the container & rim
   3. Tightly wrap fabric against the container and smooth out air bubbles. Tuck the fabric 
       around the top of the container. Cut any excess fabric in the back making a smooth line.
   4. Add twine/ribbon around the back of the container.
   5. Add your flower arrangement.

For detailed instructions, visit the  original post from 

Tuesday Fun!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  The weeks have been flying by and I can't believe it's time for Fall already?! Back to school and back to daily grind from an extended weekend.

So what better way to start the week than with- Shoes!

Harriet Wilde 'Molly / Nina 'Electra' $93 / Naughty Monkey 'Emerald City' $70 / Benjamin Adams 'Charlize' $399 / Nina 'Ravine' $100 / 'Badgley Mischka 'Frank' $189 / Nina 'Neva' $100 / Nina 'Aldena' $90

Friday, September 3, 2010

DIY Bridal Bouquet

  One great way to save some money with your wedding day plans, is to make your own bouquets. Buying wholesale flowers, and of course flowers in season help. And if you have never made a floral arrangement in your life - I found a great blog post on Brookelynn Morris staff writer for Craftzine offers tips to help design your own arrangement with ease.

Materials Needed:
Large clippers
Floral Scissors
28 gauge floral wire
Wire cutters
Floral tape
Rubber bands
3-4 yards of lace and ribbon
Decorative straight pins

   For those new to the art of floral arrangements, I recommend practicing these steps & playing around with your color palette ahead of time. You can usually find little deals at your local farmers market on in-season flowers. And just think, practicing only equals lovely little arrangements around your home.
   For the detailed step-by step process, please visit etsy's original post. 

  For more money saving wedding tips:
Cost of A Wedding

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Great Pom-Pom DIY Ideas

   Lately it seems that DIY pom pom decorations are popping up all over the web. I remember making tissue paper flowers and pom poms when I was about 6 years old.  I never would have thought they would make such a great and less expensive way to decorate an event. But they add a very cheerful and festive vibe to the room. And the best thing is, they can be made into whatever color suites your theme.   That being said I thought I should share with you a couple of my favorite links to Do-It-Yourself Pompom projects.

   First up might be my favorite: Fabric Pom-Poms via the Once Wed Blog. This may run you a little more expensive then the tissue paper poms. To cut cost, think resusable items. If you have left over fabric you can use from previous projects - go for it. You can also shop the sale section at your local fabric store for deals.

This project is simple enough that anyone who knows how to use a glue gun can do it. To view the full instruction sheet, click here!

  Second is of course, the queenof do-it-yourself, Martha Stewart's Dahlia Pom-Poms.  This project is very easy that I think even the 6 year-old-me could handle this.

   Cutting the tips of the paper, gives it the feeling of dahlia petals.  So if this is your style or you are just looking to try an easy rainy afternoon project - click here for detailed directions!

   And lastly, the impending fall-winter wardrobe change over that will occur too soon - has inspired me to post this pom-pom creation via Ruffled Blog- the Pom Pom Bouquet!  This is a great alternative to using real flowers. And it may be just the thing to add to your fall or winter wedding.
  But as you can see, this project is not for the lazy Do-it-yourselfer. There are some supplies you will need to purchase in order to pull this off.   But the results would be so unique.  For instructions on this project, visit Ruffled's original posting.
  I'm even thinking that you could add a few vintage broach pieces to this bouquet for a little bling.

Etsy Shop, Lorelie Kay Design Vintage Broach mixed media, ($12)