Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inspiration: Vintage Bouquet

I saw this image and just loved it! I think I could create an entire wedding design around this bouquet. 

I found this images on 's blog
This bouquet is by the Vintage Design Company

Planning a Vintage Hollywood Wedding

Why not add a little hollywood glamour to your vintage-style wedding? Here are a few inspirations and ideas on where to begin...

Bridal Wear
 The dress is a great place to start with. To accomplish the hollywood gam - take a look at bias-cut dresses, v-beck lines and fish-tail hems, lace and satin add a very classic looked when paired with a set of chandelier earrings. For your hair think - classic Grace Kelly, & Veronica Lake.

Pronovias Adorno Dress ($1950) at Encore Bridal /  Jenny Packman Dress ($1700) at PreOwned Wedding Dresses /  Monique Lhuillier 'Meridith' ($2450) by Wore It Once / Monique Lhuillier 'Clementine' ($3000) and 'Celestine' ($4950) at Recycled Bride \ Amy Micelson 'Open Heart' ($1500) at PreOwned Wedding Dresses. 

Groom Wear
  Black or white tie is a very classic look with clean cut hair and very pressed clothes. Think one button suits, dark colored.

Wedding Colors & Flowers
  The classic hollywood look includes silvers, white, black, blush and very light pinks and yellows. And for your flowers, stick to classics, such as roses, peonies and lilies.  Keeping things simple adds a very elegant feeling.

   Look for invitations using your wedding colors and theme. Script fonts and lacey patterns, maybe even consider a monogram design. Damask and chandelier graphics are also very classic.

Damask Twist by Wedding Paper Divas / Elegant Dove Pocketfold by Little Spark Creations /Autumn Anniversary by Beyond Designs /  Fanciful Monogram by Wedding Paper Divas / "Annabelle" Invitation by Little Spark Creations 

  Location is important to start the even off right. A few location ideas include an old art-deco movie theater, an old fashioned formal restaurant or hotel or a grand ballroom. Places with dramatic ceilings and hardwood floors add to the glam. 

Also consider your transportation between locations - a rented vintage Roll Royce perhaps?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just Perfect for a Tea Party : Sadie Olive

In recent postings I have explored some ideas about backyard wedding tips, and backyard wedding themes. And I was very much drawn in to the 'tea party theme'. And As you know I love all things artful.  So I went to my favorite source for artful items - .  I normally explore through the handmade items. But in my search for 'tea party' items, I found an antique shop I just love!  Inspiration Vintage!

So I would like to introduce to you, the Sadie Olive Shop. Now Sadie Olive is run by Sarah Duckett, who is all things artful in my opinion. She is a photographer, designer & boutique owner.  She has a real passion for what she does. I pulled a few of my favorite 'tea party' themed items together to share.

Tarnish Teapot ($36),  Books Collection ($38), Vintage Craft Letters ($1.50), Service for Six ($145),  Watch Dial Necklace (currently sold),  Victorian Inspired Necklace ($75),  Chalk Board ($28), Crystal Phone ($40),  Translucent Bead Rosary ($78).

  Please visit her shop on etsy & if you love what you see, feel free to visit her boutique site and her photography site, Warm Whispers .

Wedding Insurance : Do You Need It?

   Insurance? For my wedding? Really?!? Many of you may never have even heard of such a thing. But it's out there and some locations require you purchase this in order to use their facilities.

So what is wedding insurance?
   There are several different form of wedding insurance. Your insurance provider can give you more details & help you determine what is best for you. But the insurance itself is exactly that- insurance for your wedding.  The cost of this is usually around the $100 price point with the average wedding costing about $20,000. But since the insurance coverage varies- the price does too. So it can also cost up to $600 for a more expensive policy.

When would I need it?
   For the $100 you would likely spend, insurance is there for the 'just in case'. And although it is unlikely, it's better safe then sorry.  Examples of what can happen include - your partner dies, bad weather, your family cannot make it to your wedding, and your location burns down.   There are many more reasons and not likely to happen. But any and all of these reason can easily ruin a wedding.

   So whether the $100 is worth it to save you from the unlikely & save your $20,000 investment, that is up to you and your partner?  If you decide it's for you, be sure to shop around for insurance before making your decision.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Vintage Inspiration

I was wondering around the web today and stumbled across some beautiful vintage-inspired items - found objects, antique papers, a yummy cake, a custom cake tray and then some... 
Decoration Idea from Dreamy Whites Blog / Delicious Cake (photo by David Hansen) by Delicious Desserts in Cape Cod Area  / Vintage Bird Postcard Garland ($12) by Vintage Scraps / Tin Floral Tray ($10) by Sadie Olive / Ava Tulle Veil ($85) by Lo Boheme / Custom Small Cake Stand ($68) by Vessels & Wares / Tea Party Button Bracelet ($20) by Sierra Flora Alpacas / Vintage Avacado Depression Glass by Vintage Scraps.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Inspiration: Vintage Bouquet

I have been working on a personal project that has me diving into a vintage mood. So I  having a feeling many of the posts this week will be vintage inspired. Even if you are not planning a vintage wedding, I will be sure to include a few things just for you too.

Backyard Wedding Themes

Ok so you have decided you want to have a backyard wedding. What is your personal style? (and by 'your' I mean you and your fiance). Here are a few theme ideas to help get you started.

   This theme tends to be more laid back. Your guests will definitely look forward to this event for a more casual style.  Hiring an all-in-one caterer to handle the event will help make it run smoothly. Decorations ideas include tiki torches, edible treats and hot sauces, table clothes.  Food can include anything barbecued - even chili, & other picnic foods. Read here some helpful tips on planning your inexpensive bbq theme. 

Tea Party
   Having a tea party theme will give the feeling of a very intimate event. When decorating think: teapots, wildflowers, danty plates and pretty linens, soft colors, candles, lace, ribbons and handkerchiefs.   And of course tea & cookies & cupcakes! Serve sandwiches and other scrumptious finger foods. 
   Sites such as the Tea Pot Shoppe can help you find these items. And if you love the garage sale scene - you may be able to pick up a few great used items for a fraction of the cost. 

  This theme is an obvious one for an outdoor event. But making sure you have plenty of plants may add to your budget if you don't already have this available. On the plus side you can choose any colors you like. Using paper lanterns is a great way to light (although make sure you have enough so guests aren't tripping on their way in and out.) Other decorations include flower petals, flower vases, watering cans, and plantable seed party favors. 

Hawaiian Luau
  Similar to the bbq theme, this is a great way to have a casual celebration. Guests should wear flip-flops & shorts with hawaiian shirts and sundresses. Decorations include flower leis, tiki torches, orchids and tropical flowers, surf boards, sand & island music. This is a great way to bring the tropics to you, if you don't have the budget to plan a destination wedding.

Additional Backyard Ideas:
 Check out a few links I came across in my internet travels to help get you inspired:
Cate & Ben's Vintage Inspired Backyard Wedding
Southern Affair
Beyond the Backyard

As with all outdoor events, be prepared for a backup plan incase weather presents an issue. You may want to add tent rental into your budget as well as sunscreen, big spray and citronella candles. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspiration: Soft Light

Sometimes just a little sunlight and a beautiful bride can be all the inspiration needed ...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Orange Cake Inspiration

Found this tasty pretty summery cake on to inspire some colorful cake plans ...
Cake by Mark Joseph Cakes in Brooklyn, NY

Related links;
Cake Inspiration
Beach Cakes
Adorable Cake

Backyard Wedding Tips

   A backyard wedding you say? Whether you are trying to save on your budget, looking for an earth-friendly place to have your wedding or just have a really great backyard (or a friend's that you can use), having a backyard wedding can be a more intimate place to hold your ceremony. So here are a few tips to help you out in your decision.

Consider the Space
   Your backyard may be a fantastic backdrop, out there are limitations to the number of guests you can have. May sure this plan is realistic for the space you have. There will need to be plenty of room for chairs and tables. And a spot for dancing, if you choose. Also consider how many bathrooms are available to accommodate everyone.

   Stuff. Yes you will need to consider all the stuff that you will need for your wedding. I'm not talking about the dress and cake. You will need to budget for rental of chairs and tables, linens and buffet tables and a sound system.  Factor in these costs before you start to plan. You will also need to consider electricity and accessibility to it. You may also need a generator. So after all these items are factored in - it may be cheaper to book someplace else that can provide all this.

Food and Drinks
   Handling food and drinks can often be a cost-saving. But many couples will find a day that goes much smoother if they hire a caterer to handle all the food preparation, service and clean up. 

   Your backyard may be filled with awesome flowers in the spring, but does it rain often that time of year? Weather is always a factor to consider when planning an outdoor event. Make sure you have a backup plan just in case Mother Nature has a different idea. (I have been to a few weddings when there was no Plan B. And finding a tent big enough in the 11th hour for 100 guests was impossible. - I was left standing in the rain with a kind guest holding an umbrella so I could get some good images.)  And I know it sounds funny - but be careful of the sun. You want to be sure that the sun isn't going to blind your wedding guests or you while you are saying your 'I do's'.  Offering your guests sunscreen and paper umbrellas are a great way to help protect your guests and add a little style at the same time.

Pets and Pests
  If you are planning a wedding at your home, it's important to consider your furry friends and what all this commotion will do to them. If they are people lovers and good with guests and the social scene, then having them at your party is up to you. If, however, they are not, it may be a good idea to make arrangements for a quieter place for them to hang for the day. Also if your four-legged friends are staying - don't forget to have someone feed & walk them at their usual time. This will help keep them on some type of schedule and lessen the chance for unwanted accidents or misbehavior. (You may also want to consider your neighbors pets. The last thing you want is your neighbors dog howling during your wedding vows. See 'Permission below'.)
  Be aware. Often outdoors equals bugs. Make sure you have considered this in your plans. You may want to have citronella candles and bug spray on hand if necessary.

   You should also check with your local government or complex association to make sure there won't be any issues with noise ordinances and parking. The last thing you want is the neighbors calling the cops on your party. Speaking of which,  it would be a great idea to let your neighbors know what you are planning.  You can even invite them over for a drink at the reception as a nice gesture.

Clean Up
  Yes, having a party at your house means that you or someone you designate will have to clean up the mess.  Often if you have rented your equipment, the service company will provide delivery/pick up (make sure you know that up front.) And caterers should also be in charge of cleaning up after their service. But don't forget all the little things that will need to be done once those big items are gone. Someone will need to be in charge of all the miscellaneous cleaning before (including lawn maintenance) and after the wedding. So unless you want to do it yourself or have a trusted friend, you may want to consider adding a cleaning service to your budget.

I love outdoor weddings!  Happy planning! Need some inspirations?Here are a few other articles to help:
Wedding Budget Worksheet
Garden Themed Wedding on
Inspiration: Garden Theme Cake
Real Wedding: Beth & Joe's DIY Wedding

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DIY on Martha Stewart

Found: Lovely little Do-It-Yourself center piece Big Bloom idea for small budgets on Martha Stewart.

DIY: Magnolia Blossom at Martha Stewart


Like this idea? Check out another easy DIY by Rachael Ray or table seating by yours truly. 

Eco-Friendly Wedding Budget: Pre Owned Wedding Dresses

   Most of us do not have an unlimited budget for the wedding day.  So a great way to save on your budget and still get that designer dress you have been drooling over since you saw it the last three issues of magazines - preowned wedding gown. There is a fantastic site devoted to just this, appropriately called PreOwned Wedding Dresses . (And some dresses may even be samples and were never worn.)  Shop by style, price, designer or most popular.  This is a great way to save and still help the environment. Here are just a few gowns that I loved on the site and had to share:
 Monique Lhuillier ($3800 orig $7600)  / Vera Wang 'Diana' ($4650 orig $7689) / Elizabeth Fillmore 'Maddison'  ($1500 orig $2862) / Vera Wang '2G119' ($1900 org $3400) / JIm Hjelm 'JH8859' ($1500 orig $3150) /Jenny Yoo 'Anessa' ($600 orig $1200)

Amy Michelson '2220 Ballet' ($1350 orig $3044) / Monique Lhuillier ($3500 orig $5500) / Jim Hjelm '8859' ($1500 orig $3500)/ Amy Michelson 'Laurel' ($1500 orig $3800)/ Alvina Valenta 'AV9700' ($1100 orig $3000) / Carolina Herrera 'Spring 2008' ($2650 orig $5400) /J.Crew '11423' ($600 orig $1000) / Carolina Herrera ($2000 orig $2600)

  Even if you have already found 'the one'  you will be wearing, they have accessories from veils to shoes to shawls to jewelry.  (and you can even sell your dress on here too!)

Looking for more budget-friendly dress ideas? Previous posts include:
Trunk Shows & Sample Sales 
Vintage Inspired Dresses

Eco-Friendly Items on Etsy

We can all do our part in small ways to help preserve the environment. And for my weekly Etsy finds I searched out some great little enviro-friendly items including a fantastic bridal gown from one of my favorite handmade Etsy vendors, Your Fairytale Wedding, recycled paper invitations from Foosie Design and an herbal party favor for your wedding guests from Favor Creative ... 

Sweet Romantic Bridal Gown ($799) by Your Fairytale Wedding / Unique Collar with Organic Silk  ($39) by Lilliput Chipmunk / White Wool Acorn Ornaments (12 for 6) by Green Baboon Designs  / Wedding Invitations 'Cynthia & James' ($4.55) by Foosie Design / Turquoise Hemp Bag with queen anne's lace ($45) by Lizura / Peaced Together Babydoll Dress  ($60) by Mountain Girl Clothing / Julian Boutonniere ($22) by Lint and Lavender / Blue House Slippers ($25) by Green Tea Vintage / Sea Glass Personalized necklace ($31) by Swept From the Sea / Seed Pod Place Holder ($12) by Thitaree / Lemon Balm Herbs Favor ($4.50) by Favor Creative / Misha Headband Felt & Peacock ($52) by Lint and Lavender / Half Carat Pebble Ring ($3800) by Single B Beautiful

Monday, April 19, 2010

Eco-Wedding Rings?

Diamond mining is a very touchy topic. We all would love to have a beautiful diamond - but what about those that are concerned about the impact diamond mining has on the environment and the people that live in that area?

Going Green
   Since wearing jewelry is an important part of honoring the tradition of marriage in all cultures around the world, no one expects you to forgo the wedding rings. There are ways for each individual to lessen their impact. Check out Green Karat for information on using recycled gold.  Green Karat also has some unique rings available for purchase in their shop.
  Cultured Diamonds and gemstones are among the most ecologically friendly stones available. These stones are grown in a lab rather then mined from the earth. And they can also significantly less expensive.  You can build your own conflict-free diamond ring at Brilliant Earth or purchase ready-to-wear jewelry at Elizabeta Jewelry.

Vintage Rings
   Another really great alternative is to purchase a vintage/antique ring. Choosing an antique ring is like selecting a work of art. Estate rings date from the Victorian era through the 1950's. So rings from different eras will have different characteristics.   I found some beautiful rings available at Leigh Jay Nacht Inc and the Antique Jewelry Mall.

Shop Local
   Don't feel comfortable ordering your rings online? Why not shop local? There are several vintage & consignment shops near every major city. Shopping locally helps support the neighborhood businesses and allow you to try on the rings and check the quality out in person.

Happy Earth Week! Eco-friendly Wedding Sites

Happy Earth Week! This week I will be featuring different earth-friendly wedding ideas.  So to kick it off, I found 2 really great websites thats has a a list of green wedding items. First is Dream Green Weddings.  Inspired by their own wedding, Dream Green Weddings is dedicated to maintaining their own green business practices and using green suppliers  to help you with your wedding day. 

Among the many items that are available for purchase: Wedding Favors, Setting cards, gifts & beautiful invitations. Check out their site for current give-aways and eco-friendly ideas.

Second site (having a partnership with Dream Green Weddings to support this effort) is the Green Bride Guide.

This site offers organic flowers, peace silk wedding gowns, tree and seed favors and invitations. Are you planning a green wedding already? The Green Bride Guide also has pictures and stories from real weddings. Check it out to help with your wedding plans! (They have even begun to feature a directory to help you find vendors and accessories.)

Happy Earth Week Everyone!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Summer Cake Inspiration

This wedding season there seems to be a flair for yellow! Bright yellow, creamy yellow, champagne yellow, lemon yellow... and speaking of lemon yellow...  today's inspiration? A yummy-looking summer inspired cake I found on Real 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today's Inspiration: Pink Sugar!

I was searching my way through today and found this cute pink wedding gown! Who says brides must wear white?  I'm thinking that to add a little something something to your destination wedding - why not add a little color?
Find this Kelley Pink Sugar vintage inspired gown for $965 and more at Bellini Bridal on 

Planning A Destination Wedding

Deciding to plan your wedding in a foreign location can be a really fun way to celebrate your special day. But where do you begin? Here are a few simple tips to help you get started.

  OK I know this is starting off with the nitty-gritty.  But this is all something that will need to be considered when planning and budgeting for a destination wedding. So here goes, let's get this out of the way. Every state/country/island has their own requirements and licenses that are necessary to be legitimately married there. To check out some of the latest regulations at your destination of choice visit  And be sure to follow up to determine if there is additional red tape once you are back in your home state/country that will need to be taken care of. (ie blood work tests & additional costs/fees) 

  Make sure you check the seasonal weather in the month you are planning to be wed.  You don't want to spend months planning your event only to have to deal with weather issues like hurricanes or extraordinary heat/cold. 
  Check out the local events. Make sure it's not spring break season as flights and hotels will be more expensive. 

Visit the Location
  As romantic as a destination wedding sounds, its always a good idea to add to your budget a plan to visit the location ahead of time. You don't want to show up a few days before your wedding with 50 guests in tow only to find that the photo on the resort's website is outdated or your dreamy resort is partly under construction.
   It is also a good idea to consider using a local event coordinator. They will be able to refer you to local vendors with whom they have worked with before and know how to get special deals for you and your guests on food and hotel. If they are familiar with working with out of towners (which should be one of your requirements) then all the better. They should be familiar with local customs, and speak both english and the local language. 
   When visiting, plan to meet with as many vendors as possible. It's always a good idea to see them face-to-face. You will feel better knowing who they are ahead of your big day. 

  Decide how much you and your fiance will be spending on your wedding. Stick to your budget. If you are spending more in one area, know that you will need to spend less in another area. Destination weddings are a great way to help trim your guest list and keep the budget in check. Just don't forget to pad the amount and add room for incidentals (forgotten tooth brush etc). Don't forget to ask about additional fees the hotel may have (ie transportation fees and departure taxes.) Check out special deals for dining and consider using local markets for picnic lunches and local restaurants not on the resort. (also be aware of the safety of the area. Some locales although beautiful at the resort are not safe for travel beyond.)
   Whenever possible, always use a credit card when traveling international. Credit cards shop for the best currency rates and can help save you money. And speaking of money - having all your money cash leaves too many opportunities for theft to occur. Credit cards, if lost or stolen can be replaced. 

Your Stuff
   Don't forget when planning everything out, that you will have to bring it all with you. So consider shipping some items ahead of you or buying things local. Special linens and paper goods that are nicer then the standard stock white linens the hotel offers can be easily shipped back and forth.
  Very important items like your dress, shoes and jewelry should be in your carry-on, to be sure of it's arrival. Having to replace your dress three days before your wedding day will cause more stress then having to forego fancy table linens. 

Guest List
  When planning your guest list, try to keep it simple.  You can't assume that because your wedding is far away that your guests will not come. Choosing a really great location is enticing for many guests to want to go so don't be surprised if they all show up.  (Plan on at least 70 percent to be coming).

  Mailing out your Save-the-Date cards six months in advance is a great idea. This will give your guests a chance to plan ahead their vacation time,  search out good deals & begin to budget for the trip.  

Who Pays
  Typically guests should expect to pay for their own travel expenses. But to help out your guests, pricing out airfare and hotel should be researched ahead of time for them to give an idea of what they could be spending.  Many hotels will allow for special rates if there is a chance they can book a block of rooms out. Call ahead to see if any of the local hotels can give you and your guests a deal. (Can't get the deal if you don't ask.) It's also a good idea to search out 3 different price points for your guests to choose from.  Be sure to check on the transportation arrangements. (IE if the hotel offers pick ups at the airport to hotel.)
  Also consider hiring a travel consultant if you are concerned with the logistics and finding great rates. (especially if you have guests traveling from different parts of the world.)
  While the guests are paying for their own travel arrangements, it is expected for the bride & groom to pay for tab for food and beverages. Having your wedding at an all-inclusive resort can help with the cost. 

Rehearsal Dinner  Questions
  Now normally, your entire wedding party is invited to your rehearsal dinner, but do you have to invite everyone else? In a destination wedding situation, it is proper etiquette to invite all your guests since they have traveled far to see you. This will have to be included in your budget if planning this.  But in the end, if this is not realistic for your budget, simply just invite the wedding party and your closest family to the dinner. But extending and invitation for cocktails after the dinner is a great way to keep your guests included and show your appreciation for coming.

Showers & Gifts 
  Inviting guests to your shower and not your wedding is considered very poor etiquette. But the exception to the rule is the destination wedding. Just be sure that the person planning the event/shower politely informs your guests that the actual wedding is a very intimate affair and only a small number of people will be attending. 
  When planning your gift registration, be sure to leave out that information in your invitations. Instead assign a family member or someone in the bridal party to help spread the word. Also know that guests may not want to bring the glassware they bought all the way to another country and worry about how you will get it back.  Expect to receive gifts delivered to your home instead. 

Special Thanks
  Make sure to show your guests how much you appreciate them travelling and giving up vacation time to be at your wedding day. It's always a good idea to have a special party favor that they can cherish.  Also if everyone is staying at the same hotel, arranging a special gift basket at the front desk at check-in is a great way to start off their trip! Creating a themed welcome basket to have in their rooms for arrival including maps, coupons and  a list of local activities available will get things started off for an event they will never forget!

Have fun!
   Things may not all go exactly as planned. Things can happen. But staying positive and having a great energy will allow your guests to do the same. The wedding day is about you and your fiance and not the color of the flowers or the appetizer that wasn't quite what you ordered.  Just roll with it. You will be laughing about that on the plane ride home.

Destination Weddings on Etsy

This weeks searches have turned up some interesting items for a destination wedding. Gifts for your bridal party, unique bouquets & cuff links, invitations and maps. Check it out...

Passport Invitations ($40) by Sproullie Designs / Custom Vintage Map Cuff Links ($36) by Bella Moda Artist  / Personalized luggage tag ($34) by Cest Suberbe / Hanalei Invitations ($9.50ea) by Ruby & Willow / Adrift Ocean Aqua Earrings ($28) by Hampton Jewels  /  Custom Hand-Drawn Keepsake Map ($12) by Tree Space Studio / Vintage Map Belt Buckle ($29) by The Map Shop /  Camera Necklace ($7) by Chinacherie

Safe Travel Ring ($11.50) by Dorkorama  / Estee Floral Eco Handmade Snack Bag ($6) by Sack Savers / Handmade Vintage Fabric Bouquet ($28) by Bedouin /  Rhinestone Jeweled Hair ($120) by Londonxox /  Green Sea Urchin Ornament ($15) by Eebeach / Barefoot Sandals Swarovski Crystals ($90) by Two Be Wed Jewelry

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bridal Books

A great new book is out.... the Offbeat Bride written by Ariel Meadow Stallings a fellow bridal blogger.
Check out this book and other great buy combos on

Budget-Saving Tip of the Week: Bridal Gown

You don't have to spend an enormous amount on your wedding gown to find the one of your dreams. (See blog post about custom dress finds on There are several ways to save. 

Can you say 'Sample Sale'?
  Back in the day I worked for a retail store, whose corporate office just happened to be down the street.  And what was better then a discount at the store? Sample sales! held in the early hours before opening. (and yes when in college 7am is early). But talk about deals! I once purchased a $250 comforter for $5. Now you may not be able to find a wedding gown for $5 but you can find some incredible deals out there if you are willing to search them out. Samples sales are held by retailers such as Filene's Basement and sites like Scarlett's Closet & PreOwned Wedding Dresses .
  Be aware, that often sample sales do not have an abundance of sizes in the style you like. So having the dress altered will need to be a part of your budget as well.

Have you ever heard of a Trunk Show?
  Well most bridal boutiques carry select designers that they work with. Think of a trunk show as a nicer sample sale.  A trunk show offers special discounts during the show only. Even designers like Vera Wang have trunk shows. Here you will get a chance to browse all the dresses, sometimes ever before they are available to the public. And there is someone at a trunk show (unlike a sample sale) that will help you try on and find a dress to fit your style.  There are trunk shows throughout the year, but a majority of these shows will occur between Jan & Mar as the designers & dress shops prepare for the launch of the bridal season.  Trunk shows are by appointment only and book fast. If for some reason you cannot make your appointment, be courteous and cancel. This will allow another bride to take your place.

There are a few tips to remember when shopping a sample sale or a trunk show:
* Begin by looking around at the designers and style to find out which is most appealing to you and which fall within your budget.
* Be prepared to buy the dress. If you find 'the one' now is the chance to get it. You won't be likely to repeat this type of discount at another time. However, if you are unsure about it, do not allow yourself to be pressured into making hasty decisions. Be 100% about your purchase.
* Bring two of your most trusted friends who know you well enough to help with this important decision. It can be tempting to bring more then two, but as they say 'too many cooks spoil the broth' and this can lead to a stressful time with too many questions and too many opinions.
* There are more then just dresses at a trunk show! If you already have the dress or are looking for it all, there are also accessories from jewelry to bridesmaids dresses, veils to shoes. (And of we love shoes!)

To find out when the next trunk show is, just check out a touring list of your favorite designers to find out when they will be in your area next. 

Rent or Borrow
   Or even buy one second hand. You can search out dresses on Ebay and Craigslist for great deals. I have already seen postings for a never-worn dress from someone who ended up with two after changing her mind.
 You can find the dress of your dreams and help out a cause at the same time by buying a from sites that support a cause. For example:    Or in New York City features bridal gowns by some of the top designers. The proceeds go to one of the designer's favorite charities.

   Check out more bridal dress inspirations and ideas at the Lovely Bride Blog

(And Even if you don't find your dream gown at a charity site, you can still choose to give back and donate your gown or bridesmaid's dresses. Want to wear your gown again? Check out this blog post)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eco-Friendly Idea: Recycle My Dress

If you are looking for a way to recycle your worn-once dress or just redesign your grandmother's wedding gown, check out this site - Create an eco-friendly & original design from your dress so you can wear it again!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspiration : Garden Theme Cake

This week's inspiration has been Garden Themed Weddings. And I came across some cool looking cakes on Martha Stewart Weddings!

Thanks Martha!

Simple Elegance with Vintage Charm : Free People

I just received the latest Free People catalog in the mail today. Thought I would share some vintage inspired dresses with you.

Cassablanca Dress at Free People ($248)

Lacey Insets Dress at Free People ($148)

 Merrie Gossamer Slip ($88) at Free People

Going Green: An Eco-Friendly Wedding Idea

Looking for a way to be more earth friendly? How about an eco-friendly hotel for your guests to stay in? There is a great site called that offers eco travel information, green hotels and helpful tips on how to have a green vacation. Click the link below to check it out:

DIY Wedding Center Pieces via Rachael Ray

I was wandering around the internet today looking for some new DIY inspirations. And I found some great little ideas on the Rachael Ray website for simple little center pieces. Click the link below the mage for more instructions.