Monday, April 26, 2010

Backyard Wedding Themes

Ok so you have decided you want to have a backyard wedding. What is your personal style? (and by 'your' I mean you and your fiance). Here are a few theme ideas to help get you started.

   This theme tends to be more laid back. Your guests will definitely look forward to this event for a more casual style.  Hiring an all-in-one caterer to handle the event will help make it run smoothly. Decorations ideas include tiki torches, edible treats and hot sauces, table clothes.  Food can include anything barbecued - even chili, & other picnic foods. Read here some helpful tips on planning your inexpensive bbq theme. 

Tea Party
   Having a tea party theme will give the feeling of a very intimate event. When decorating think: teapots, wildflowers, danty plates and pretty linens, soft colors, candles, lace, ribbons and handkerchiefs.   And of course tea & cookies & cupcakes! Serve sandwiches and other scrumptious finger foods. 
   Sites such as the Tea Pot Shoppe can help you find these items. And if you love the garage sale scene - you may be able to pick up a few great used items for a fraction of the cost. 

  This theme is an obvious one for an outdoor event. But making sure you have plenty of plants may add to your budget if you don't already have this available. On the plus side you can choose any colors you like. Using paper lanterns is a great way to light (although make sure you have enough so guests aren't tripping on their way in and out.) Other decorations include flower petals, flower vases, watering cans, and plantable seed party favors. 

Hawaiian Luau
  Similar to the bbq theme, this is a great way to have a casual celebration. Guests should wear flip-flops & shorts with hawaiian shirts and sundresses. Decorations include flower leis, tiki torches, orchids and tropical flowers, surf boards, sand & island music. This is a great way to bring the tropics to you, if you don't have the budget to plan a destination wedding.

Additional Backyard Ideas:
 Check out a few links I came across in my internet travels to help get you inspired:
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As with all outdoor events, be prepared for a backup plan incase weather presents an issue. You may want to add tent rental into your budget as well as sunscreen, big spray and citronella candles. 

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