Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wedding Insurance : Do You Need It?

   Insurance? For my wedding? Really?!? Many of you may never have even heard of such a thing. But it's out there and some locations require you purchase this in order to use their facilities.

So what is wedding insurance?
   There are several different form of wedding insurance. Your insurance provider can give you more details & help you determine what is best for you. But the insurance itself is exactly that- insurance for your wedding.  The cost of this is usually around the $100 price point with the average wedding costing about $20,000. But since the insurance coverage varies- the price does too. So it can also cost up to $600 for a more expensive policy.

When would I need it?
   For the $100 you would likely spend, insurance is there for the 'just in case'. And although it is unlikely, it's better safe then sorry.  Examples of what can happen include - your partner dies, bad weather, your family cannot make it to your wedding, and your location burns down.   There are many more reasons and not likely to happen. But any and all of these reason can easily ruin a wedding.

   So whether the $100 is worth it to save you from the unlikely & save your $20,000 investment, that is up to you and your partner?  If you decide it's for you, be sure to shop around for insurance before making your decision.


  1. i always recommend it. you pay more than that in car insurance, and your car is probably worth less than your wedding day. the snowstorms in DC this year really highlighted the importance, as did the crazy fires in CA a few years ago (every year?). as a vendor, there are things I can buy insurance for to cover my couples, but i can't cover mother nature. plus it usually covers other things like your dress, jewelry and even any drunken-guest antics. i can't recommend it enough..

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  3. Sounds great...
    As i am concern, Wedding insurance policies are designed to grant financial protection especially for those who are planning their wedding against losses resulting from unforeseen circumstances. This form of insurance covers damage related with your wedding attire or photographs, expenses from last minute bookings and loss of gifts. Most of policies also cover losses due to cancellation or postponement of the wedding on account of bad weather, illness, military deployment, sudden death or acts of terrorism.
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  4. Very interesting policy. I have never heard of it but after reading your post I did realized how important it is. I do agree that its better to be safe than sorry. Thank for sharing the information about this policy.