Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just Perfect for a Tea Party : Sadie Olive

In recent postings I have explored some ideas about backyard wedding tips, and backyard wedding themes. And I was very much drawn in to the 'tea party theme'. And As you know I love all things artful.  So I went to my favorite source for artful items - .  I normally explore through the handmade items. But in my search for 'tea party' items, I found an antique shop I just love!  Inspiration Vintage!

So I would like to introduce to you, the Sadie Olive Shop. Now Sadie Olive is run by Sarah Duckett, who is all things artful in my opinion. She is a photographer, designer & boutique owner.  She has a real passion for what she does. I pulled a few of my favorite 'tea party' themed items together to share.

Tarnish Teapot ($36),  Books Collection ($38), Vintage Craft Letters ($1.50), Service for Six ($145),  Watch Dial Necklace (currently sold),  Victorian Inspired Necklace ($75),  Chalk Board ($28), Crystal Phone ($40),  Translucent Bead Rosary ($78).

  Please visit her shop on etsy & if you love what you see, feel free to visit her boutique site and her photography site, Warm Whispers .

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