Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Great Pom-Pom DIY Ideas

   Lately it seems that DIY pom pom decorations are popping up all over the web. I remember making tissue paper flowers and pom poms when I was about 6 years old.  I never would have thought they would make such a great and less expensive way to decorate an event. But they add a very cheerful and festive vibe to the room. And the best thing is, they can be made into whatever color suites your theme.   That being said I thought I should share with you a couple of my favorite links to Do-It-Yourself Pompom projects.

   First up might be my favorite: Fabric Pom-Poms via the Once Wed Blog. This may run you a little more expensive then the tissue paper poms. To cut cost, think resusable items. If you have left over fabric you can use from previous projects - go for it. You can also shop the sale section at your local fabric store for deals.

This project is simple enough that anyone who knows how to use a glue gun can do it. To view the full instruction sheet, click here!

  Second is of course, the queenof do-it-yourself, Martha Stewart's Dahlia Pom-Poms.  This project is very easy that I think even the 6 year-old-me could handle this.

   Cutting the tips of the paper, gives it the feeling of dahlia petals.  So if this is your style or you are just looking to try an easy rainy afternoon project - click here for detailed directions!

   And lastly, the impending fall-winter wardrobe change over that will occur too soon - has inspired me to post this pom-pom creation via Ruffled Blog- the Pom Pom Bouquet!  This is a great alternative to using real flowers. And it may be just the thing to add to your fall or winter wedding.
  But as you can see, this project is not for the lazy Do-it-yourselfer. There are some supplies you will need to purchase in order to pull this off.   But the results would be so unique.  For instructions on this project, visit Ruffled's original posting.
  I'm even thinking that you could add a few vintage broach pieces to this bouquet for a little bling.

Etsy Shop, Lorelie Kay Design Vintage Broach mixed media, ($12)  

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