Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DIY Aisle Flowers

   Nothing but a simple DIY flower aisle vase to get the ideas flowing about how to save on your wedding day decorations.  This fabric cover flower vase by Ashley Meaders  is so simple to put together.
Supplies Needed:
Bygel IKEA container
Spray Mount
Twine and/or ribbon

   1. Cut fabric 14"x19"
   2. Spray outside the container & rim
   3. Tightly wrap fabric against the container and smooth out air bubbles. Tuck the fabric 
       around the top of the container. Cut any excess fabric in the back making a smooth line.
   4. Add twine/ribbon around the back of the container.
   5. Add your flower arrangement.

For detailed instructions, visit the  original post from OnceWed.com 

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