Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Old Hollywood finds on Etsy

Every Wednesday I post a selection of some favorite finds. This week's selection is inspired by that classic old Hollywood feel.

Teardrop Earrings ($64) on Luxe Deluxe / Ivory Wedding Sash ($98) by Twisted Crystal / Mantilla Floor Length Veil ($225) by Rohm.
Birdcage Veil on He Knows My Name / Custom Lave Corset ($375) by Rohm / Bronwyn Dress Sash ($164) by Pish Poshes.
Victorian Beaded Purse ($80) on Miss Antebellum / Ivory Faux Fur ($40) by Alex Bridal / Rhinestone Headpiece  ($96) on Feather & Frills / Swarovski Pearl bracelet ($72) on Luxe Deluxe / Pearl Rhinestone Necklace ($100) on Tissage


  1. Fantastic collection!

  2. Super pretty earings! love them!
    They look so romantic.

    -Dame Chic
    living and loving weddings

  3. Beautiful images. Love the ear rings

  4. Love the pearls, so pretty; earrings are stunning too and great value.

  5. Gorgeous choices! It made me think of doing a vintage hollywood board--such great items for anyone planning a budget vintage wedding!