Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What to Delegate

Planning your wedding can at times feel very overwhelming. Especially if you have a giant checklist before you that has barely been started.  Well any good leader will tell you - it's time to delegate.  Now I know that if you are a control freak or what I like to call myself, 'a detail oriented' person, then you will want to have say in every part of your wedding.  And while you may not want anyone but you and your fiance to choose the flower arrangements or your photographer, there are several tasks you can easily delegate among your wedding party, family and friends.

Wedding Favors
   Don't be afraid to have some of your friends help you choose your wedding favors. Have them stick to your theme and budget and take the pressure of researching off of you.  If you are making your own favors - even better! Throw a little pizza party for your girlfriends and invite them over to help with your craft project or bake cookies for your guests. (Make sure they know that's what the party is for.)

Making the Emergency Kit
   Simply give your check list to a bridesmaid and request they pull all these item together for you. A simple trip to the drugstore can pull all this together. Just make sure that this person is someone who will be with you while you get ready - when u will likely need a majority of these items. (Please don't expect them to pay out of pocket though. This little emergency kit should be a part of the misc section of your budget.)

  Who is in charge of picking up grandmom? This is something that many couples forget about until last minute.  And getting you and your guests from one location to the next can be sometimes be tricky.  If you are looking to save some money on transportation, it is still a good idea to have a few people in charge of getting your wedding party around.  So you can delegate a few people with reliable cars to be in charge of driving.  You will also need someone to help you plan out the easiest route for your guests to follow.
  Even if you decide to rent a bus, van or limo for your guests, having someone (especially if they have already planned their own wedding.) help you find a transportation company will be helpful.
   And let's not forget about grandmom?! You may also need to make sure those elderly guests that do not drive have a way to and from your event. Grandmom may not want to party all night long, so keep that in mind.

  You may not want to have someone pick out the arrangements for you. But you may need to have flowers moved from the ceremony site to the reception. This is an easy job to delegate.

Set Up
  So when the day has arrived, there is much to do. And you cannot be at the salon or hotel room getting your hair done and setting up the ceremony and receptions sites at the same time. You may not even be able to approve of the final set up before guest arrive. But there are many people around you that have seen your idea boards and been with you while planning.  Unless you have hired a coordinator or your florist to do the set up work for you, it's a good idea to have a handful of trusted friends to work the set up so you can sit and relax. If you have specific ideas, let them know ahead of time. And part of delegating is trusting them to help get it done.

After the wedding day:

Returning the Rented Gear
  Make sure you know what arrangements may need to be made regarding rented chairs, tables, sound systems, linens etc. Check with the rental company about when these items need to be returned and who is responsible for that.  Also check with your location. They may need to have these items removed that night so they can have the space available for another event.  Delegating a wedding party member or close friend to follow up on this after the wedding is very helpful.
 Rented gear also includes the tuxedos/suits & shoes to the shop. It's always helpful to have a plan about their return before the wedding day. This way all the guys know what to do with them. Delegating someone be in charge of these items is a definite way to ensure you get your deposits back on any rented gear and for you to head off to your honeymoon without any worries.

Thanks to all who helped
   Remember, if you are going to delegate, you are giving that person the control. Trust they will take care of it. Breathing down their necks about it won't win you any more favors in the future. Make sure they know you appreciate their help. A little note to thank them can go a long way. You may also want to consider giving a special thank-you speech during the reception to acknowledge all your helpers.
  And if you are a super detail oriented person and having trouble letting go, talk with your friends. Consulting friends who have been through this process will give you pointers on what else you can delegate. But remember don't ask for advise unless you are willing to listen.

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