Friday, June 11, 2010

Wedding Day Check List

A couple of days ago I posted a few tips on what to include on Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit.  So I thought it would be a good idea to provide another list of wedding day must-not-forget-to-bring:

               Bride's Check List:
                       1. Dress
                       2. Shoes (Plus extra pair in case of swollen feet or shoe break)
                       3. Veil (if you have one)
                       4. Garter
                       5. Stockings (again if you are wearing them bring an extra pair)
                       6. Under garments
                       7. Makeup
                       8. Deodorant
                       9. Toothbrush and paste
                      10. Face wash
                      11. Jewelry
                      12. Perfume
                      13. Emergency Kit
                      14. Wedding Vows
                         For the Groom:
                      1. Tuxedo/Suit
                      2. Shoes
                      3. Socks
                      4. Jewelry
                      5. Cologne
                      6. Tie Clip/ Cuff links
                      7. Deodorant
                      8. Toothbrush and paste
                      9. Face wash
                     10. Tie
                     11. Razor
                     12. Lotion (for ashy hands)
                     13. Underwear (Recommended for those renting their tux :)
                     14. Wedding Vows

Last but not least - the License!!  (you don't want a guest to miss half the reception going back to your place looking for this. Or if you are planning a destination wedding - being without this all together!)

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