Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Foosie Design : Wedding Invitations, Save-the-Dates & More

I love handmade items and naturally is one of my favorite resources to find new artists. I recently posted my weekly Etsy finds on eco-friendly items.  One of the artists featured was Foosie Design . I love her 'stuff'.  This is a custom stationary store that is best described as casual elegance.

Founded in 2008, the Foosie Design studio based out of Eugene, Oregon but the online store allows the Foosie stationary to reach across the country.  The name stems from an old irish word that means 'sweet treat'.   And not only are the invitations just that, they are also made in a very earth-friendly and cost efficient way. Made from 30-100% recycled papers , Foosie Design stationary is printed on an energy efficient printer using recycled toner cartridges. Even the cut-off paper is left behind and re-used as scrap paper or recycled. And small details, even down to the shipping drop off is eco-friendly, as daily trips to the local FedEx hub are made via bike to help reduce the amount of fuel wasted on scheduled pick ups.   All these thoughtful steps make these invitations an eco-friendly choice.  

I just love her style! To view more of her work check out her site at or her etsy shop at .

(Note: Foosie Design also has a page on the site dedicated to explaining how it all works. Which is a great way to help those first-time party planners the process and time you will need to go through.)

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