Saturday, February 12, 2011

The 52 Colors of Weddings Project : Apple Green

Have you heard of the 365 project?  It seems to be the buzz around the web lately. Many photographers have started a motivational project for themselves to take a photo each day of the year. This is a great way to document your year. And although I am a photographer & love what I do,  I tend to take a lot of photographs in one day but not every day.  But I have been inspired by a fellow blogger, Brandi Girl to create a less ambitious version of this and apply it to the Artful Bride Blog. Let's call it the 52 Colors of Weddings.  Every week I will choose a new color to share with you. 

 52 Colors of Weddings : Week 1 - Apple Green!!

So I am going to start the week off by sharing some great Apple Green finds:
Dyed Green Peacock Feather Clip ($25) by LovMely / Fabric Flower & Wheat Boutonniere ($12) by Pixel and Hank / Flora Verde silk-lined clutch bag ($85) by Red Ruby Rose / Spring in Bloom Poms ($9 set) by My Silly Bear / Tulle Pom Party Picks ($10/10) by Shortcake Party Picks / Satin Flowers ($6.50/12) by Milky Supplies.

Green & Polka Dot Flask ($18.50) by Kryan2Designs / Modern Initials Wedding Invitation ($4.50) by Paper and Pinafore / Apple Tart Green Orchid Hair Clip ($7) by Ms Formaldehyde / Hand Dyed Shawl Scarf ($15) at Nits Creations / Apple Ribbon & pearl Necklace ($25) by Carlena Designs / Custom Groomsman Ties ($108/4) by Toy Breaker / Begonia Candle Holder ($16) by LaBella Candela /
Reception Table Cards ($3.25) by A La Mode Bride.


  1. Lovely finds, apple green is a great colour to start your 52 journeys. Delighted to be included amongst such Etsy lovelies, many thanks.

  2. Fabulous, I can't wait to see what color you feature next! Thanks so much for including my ribbon necklace.

  3. Wow! What an inspiring and uplifting color. Thank you for including our Apple Green and White Polka Dot Stainless Steel Flask. It makes a fun and unique gift...even for yourself!
    Can't wait to see what next week's color will be.

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  5. A very nice take on the 365 projects concpet...loving this! :)

  6. Thanks so much for including me here :)

    - Pixelandhank

  7. Apple gree, very pretty. Great spring colour. Love powerful fresh colour. Great take on the 365 project. Look forward to following weekly.

  8. Green is an nature color and i think most of us will love it, so i think you are so clever to use this color to design something! Try to use the Women's leather tote handbags at and its pretty good!